Group and Corporate Yoga Classes

“I’ve been going to Claudia’s classes for nearly 2 years & they are an integral part of my week that i very much look forward to. I love her style of yoga, the variety & her teaching style. Claudia is 1 of the best yoga teachers i have ever had & feel so lucky, she’s within walking distance to me. Claudia is kind, considerate, an excellent teacher & I regularly recommend her.” Lauren J.C

“We are really enjoying the classes, and Claudia is a really good instructor. She’s very knowledgeable, and her teaching style is very good, and goes through everything very clearly and thoroughly. Feedback has been really good, and people are enjoying her classes. Thanks for providing a brilliant instructor!” – Yashmin H. 

One-To-One Yoga

“One of the most relaxing and best flowing yoga sessions I’ve attended. Claudia takes great care and time to explain positions properly and corrects positioning / intensifies your stretches right away meaning, you don’t get into bad habits. Thorough and professional!” Sylvia S.S

“I have had the pleasure of experiencing Claudia’s yoga classes. Her way of teaching is thoughtful and takes into account everyone’s different levels of ability. She is highly knowledgeable of the body and how yoga positions correlate with injuries and she makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. I highly recommend her. You will leave feeling relaxed and wanting more! I have also had a massage by Claudia and just like yoga she is a complete natural. She understands the body and what areas need work without you even telling her. She adjusts according to what you need but don’t be afraid to let her do her thing because she knows exactly what feels good. She genuinely cares about helping her clients and working towards their healing which is evident in her technique and conduct. I’ve had lots of massages but she has to be one of the best!” – Linda P.


“Struggling with pain in my lower back I have had several massage sessions with Claudia over the last couple of months. Claudia has not only been able to address and relieve the pain, she has also given me some extra time doing a posture assessment which helped me understand how I am causing myself the pain. She has given me very useful advice on how to balance out and align my body better and she has shown me some useful stretches to keep flexible and find regular tension release at home. I really noticed and appreciated this extra help and have already booked in my next session. Highly recommend!” – Sammy M.

“Claudia is an extremely caring and competent therapist, she took care of every single muscle of my body, talking to me to know how I was feeling and if I had pain. She was very careful on my left thigh because I told her I had a recent injury, I appreciated her different techniques of deep tissue massage and stretching, switching soft and delicate with more intense and strong push. The final hand and head massage was amazing. Definitely the best therapist I’ve had in London so far.” – Naseer R.

“I developed a very bad muscular injury on my neck/shoulder, to the point that I was feeling sick every time I’d move my head. It’s now been 24hrs after Claudia’s treatment, and – although I am clearly still sore – I can now move my head and neck again!” Danny M.


“This was a wonderful retreat with a lovely group of people. Claudia is a fabulous teacher and fun to be with, making everyone feel welcome and comfortable with their practice. Meal times were delicious. I can’t wait for the next one.” – Margret U.

“This retreat was an absolute gem in so many ways; the mindful yoga, the amazing food and the the stunning surroundings. Claudia is a brilliant teacher and the effect of her classes are still with me a week later. Do not miss this retreat!” – Brian H.

“This retreat ticked all my boxes. The location was amazing. The yoga fab and the group dynamics great. We had so much fun, enjoyed the walk taking in such wonderful views, ate fabulous food and had our every need catered for. Discussion around the bonfire brought our days to an end beautifully and we left the retreat feeling content and invigorated. We look forward to the next one in Yorkshire in November.” -Sue B.