Yoga Is For You

I’ve spoken to many people who are fearful or unsure of trying yoga. I believe this is because of the way it has been Westernised and presented in the media, particularly on Instagram. Unrealistic images of acrobatics promise a path of spirituality and a hot body to fit into yoga pants. The reality is that most of us will not ever be able to get our heads on our knees and that’s okay. This doesn’t mean that we cannot use our yoga practice as a way to set goals for improving our flexibility, or strength, or mindful awareness. When doing this though, we must remember that yoga is a journey that requires patience and commitment, it is not a goal. I invite you to come onto this journey with me.

Yoga can help you to make several positive lifestyle choices, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear tight athletic gear, become a vegan and practice for an hour every day. Life is hard enough, and I would argue that by putting so much pressure on our yoga lifestyle, we may be defeating the essence of the practice. Your practice should fit into and complement your life, rather than feel forced or uncomfortable. This applies to everything from how hard you push in your postures to how much time you can realistically dedicate to your practice. One thing your practice should teach you is to be compassionate with yourself. Choose to be gentle too. 

Certain yoga styles will work for you, some will not. Sometimes you will feel in-tune and deeply present, sometimes you will not. Your practice may eventually lead you down a spiritual path, but it may not. Think of the practice transforming your inner-world and your external-world will begin to shift, effortlessly, in accordance to your personality and life.

I believe in presenting yoga in a light that is open and accepting. I offer smaller classes with a personal touch. Come and practise whoever you are, whatever you do, however you feel. I will provide you the tools you need to learn about your own body, and transform your wellbeing. 

Yoga is for you.