Children In Motion

Children’s Yoga Classes In Sherwood, Nottingham.

What are the classes like?

Children are innately creative and dynamic people, so each class will be an opportunity for them to harness their incredible energy and learn lifelong skills. During each class your child will explore a theme relevant to their age group, with breathing exercises, yoga and dance moves, mindfulness and creative exercises. My children’s yoga classes are well structured as this is important for their learning, but I will offer them plenty of opportunities to use their own imagination. Children are under increasing amounts of pressure in our modern world, with more focus on academic study and the fast development of technology and social media. These classes are a chance for them to pause and reconnect with their physical, mental and emotional worlds in a fun and engaging way. I provide children’s yoga throughout Nottingham in community centres and local schools.

What are the benefits?

  • Learning about how to harness the power of their breath. 
  • A fun way to incorporate exercise and movement into their lives. 
  • An increase in their ability to focus and be mindful.
  • More relaxation. 
  • The chance for them to use their imagination and creative skills. 
  • Learning how to trust their own power as an individual, as well as work as part of a group.
  • A deeper sense of connection and presence with themselves and the world around them. 

How can your child or school practice with me? 

  • In a group class. See my timetable here.
  • For information on school classes, click here to see my schools pack. 
  • Your child may find my free meditation tools useful if they are struggling with anxiety. Click here to use them on YouTube or Insight Timer.