Adults In Motion

Yoga Classes In Sherwood, Nottingham.

What are the classes like?

My style of teaching is reflective of the diverse training I have undertaken in yoga, dance, meditation and massage. I strike a balance between giving you correct anatomical advice and meditative guidance, as well as allowing you to be creative and trust the wisdom of your own body. For this reason, I offer variations and adaptations so that you can tailor the practice to suit your body on a class by class basis. The classes are generally slow-paced to enable for mindful awareness of your body, breath and thought processes throughout. Together we go deep into our physical, mental and emotional worlds to improve our wellbeing and health. I teach yoga throughout Nottingham in local community centres and studios. Additionally, I offer 1-1 classes at your home as well as at my home therapy room. If you want any more information about my classes, or what I do, please get into contact.

I welcome teenagers in this class as long as they are commited to the practice and have a strong awreness of the nature and depth of the sessions.

What are the benefits?

  • The ability to breathe deeper.
  • An improvement in your physical strength, flexibility and posture.
  • Understanding how to work with specific injuries, health conditions and postural troubles.
  • An increase in your ability to focus and be mindful.
  • Stress relief and increased relaxation.
  • You may notice an improvement in your mental and emotional health as your nervous system slows down.
  • A deeper sense of connection and presence with yourself and the world around you.

How can I practice with you?

  • In a group yoga class in Nottingham. See my timetable here.
  • 1-1 at your home or my home therapy space. Enquire here.
  • At your workplace. For corporate enquiries click here.
  • You can meditate with me online here (YouTube) or here (Insight Timer).