Soft Tissue Therapy 

Soft tissue therapy is remedial and works to restore damaged tissues in the body. These sessions work on a deeper level than traditional deep tissue or sports massage as they include other release techniques and finish with postural training and exercise advice recommended according to your body. The aim of this therapeutic massage is to leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and more aware of your body.

I work with all people, but specialise in massage for dancers, massage for musicians and massage for postural rehabilitation.

Here are some images of what you can expect a session with me to look like.

I offer mobile massage in the East London and West Essex areas and have strict hygeine measures in place, paticularly in light of the pandemic.


£30 for 30 minutes
This massage will focus on one area of the body in depth.

£50 for 60 minutes
A full body massage which works deeply into specific areas of the body.

£65 for 90 minute 
A full body massage which works deeply throughout the whole body.