About Claudia

My name is Claudia Silas and I was born and raised in East London. I began my movement journey training as a professional dancer and performance artist.

After a few nasty falls and dance injuries, I decided to take up yoga to see if I could restore and manage the postural troubles I was experiencing. I fell in love with yoga and the way it made me feel both mentally and physically.

After regular practice, I took the decision to go to India and train as a teacher. Here, I studied multiple yoga styles and continued to travel around the world investigating somatic practices. After returning from my travels, I began a Diploma in Soft Tissue Massage Therapy at LSSM to improve my anatomical knowledge of the body in motion.

Additionally, I have been practicing and teaching meditation for a number of years, with a curiousity as to how we can use mindfulness practices to be introspective of our mental and emotional habits.

All of my training and research as a dancer, yoga teacher, massage therapist and meditator enables me to create sessions which treat the body, mind and spirit holistically. Each of my practices influence the other and I am committed to the ongoing development of my teaching and therapeutic work.

Aside from this, I am a performance artist and have an MA in Contemporary Dance from LCDS. During my time on this course I researched the link between dance, somatics and mental health.

I currently also lead baby sensory classes in Waltham Forest and Epping with Adventure Babies.

Below is a peice of work I created during lockdown about the multifaceted nature of humans.