Yoga is for YOU

Yoga has helped me make several positive lifestyle choices, but I found myself feeling guilty for not always doing ‘the right thing’. This was especially true once I began to practise more seriously and train to become a teacher. One day I woke up and just thought ‘I need to live authentically according to my own abilities, needs and rhythms’.

The most important thing I’ve come to realise over my years of practising yoga, especially after my teacher training and time in India, is that it’s okay to be ‘halfway hippy’. It’s okay to sometimes eat pizza and drink wine. It’s okay not to have the perfect yoga body and to be a curvy girl. It’s okay to miss self-practice some mornings because living in the western world means you’re busy and tired. And it’s okay not to reach a point of stillness every time you practise. Coming back to the mat time after time is what’s important.

I am not detracting from the practitioners who dedicate themselves to a more traditional and disciplined path of yoga. That level of dedication and commitment is truly admirable. What I am saying is that you can integrate this beautiful practice into your daily life without striving for enlightenment.

I’ve spoken to many people who are fearful of trying yoga, either because they don’t feel ‘spiritual’ or ‘flexible’ enough. I present yoga in a light that is open and accepting. Yoga is not acrobatics. It is the mindful alignment of body and breath. I offer smaller classes with a personal touch. Come and practise whoever you are, whatever you do, however you feel.

Empower your body with movement. Empower your mind with mindfulness. Empower yourself with yoga.

Yoga is for YOU.