Soft Tissue Massage Therapy 

Soft tissue therapy is remedial and works to restore damaged tissues in the body. This deep tissue therapy extends further than a massage by including other release techniques and joint movement. Postural training and exercise advice is recommended according to your body. The aim of this therapeutic massage is to leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and more aware of your body.

Claudia offers mobile massage in Woodford, Hackney, Islington and other East London locations.


£30 for 30 minutes
This massage will focus on one area of the body in depth.

£50 for 60 minutes
A full body massage which works deeply into specific areas of the body.

£65 for 90 minute 
A full body massage which works deeply throughout the whole body.

£65 Yogic massage for 90 minutes
This massage begins with a guided meditation to help you connect with your breath and body. You will then move into a series of long held yoga poses, whilst being massaged through clothes. Relax and restore through the art of yoga and massage.

Claudia has a Level 5 diploma in Soft Tissue therapy, and is registered with the IRSM.